Travelling With Your Pet

Taking your pet on holiday

Holidays are exciting and great fun, and bringing your pets along for the adventure can make for an even better time! However, there are a few things to consider before taking your pets along with you. Check out some helpful travel tips to make sure your furry travel companions' needs are taken care of. 

Taking your pet on holiday

Pet passports: what you need to know

Just like us humans, pets need the proper documentation to be able to travel. Requirements vary based on animal type, where you're going, how you're travelling and several other important factors. It's best to be prepared far in advance of your trip, so we've compiled some info to help you along the process.

Pet passports & animal health certificates

Travelling within the EU and Northern Ireland

There are a few hoops to jump through if you're thinking of taking your pet on holiday with you. If you are headed somewhere within the EU or Northern Ireland, they're not too complicated but they are important.

Travel within the EU and Northern Ireland

Travel outside the EU

Taking pets outside of the EU is a little trickier. There are more rules and regulations - from pet passport to parasite control and other criteria. Make sure you're informed and prepared before packing your pet's suitcase!

Travel outside the EU
Jack russell cross dog at the vets

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