Rabbit Healthcare Plan

Helping Your Rabbit Stay Healthy

Surprisingly, rabbits can be high maintenance and are prone to a number of health issues, including fatal diseases like Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 1 & 2, and parasitic conditions like flystrike.

With the Healthy Pet Club, you can be reassured your rabbit will be provided with the best preventative healthcare available to help them stay protected and healthy.

Regular health check-ups, are also included to ensure medical and dental problems are treated as soon as possible.

Spread The Cost Of Healthcare

Our healthcare plans spread the cost of your rabbit’s healthcare, with the choice of easy monthly direct debit payments or a one off annual fee. 

Register today and take care of your rabbit’s every day health and wellbeing, with club memberships starting from the equivalent of only 56p per day!

For £12.99 a month

What benefits are included in the plan?

All of our pet healthcare plan benefits have been tailor picked by our vets to support you in giving your pet the healthiest and happiest life.

  • Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 1 & 2 annual vaccination (VHD Combined) and clinical examination with your vet
  • 1 Rearguard and 10% off additional treatments
  • 20% discount on dental treatments
  • One 6 month veterinary health check (after second vaccination) with a veterinary nurse
  • 1 x bag of food per month OR 1 x bag of hay per month
  • 10% off ALL vet fees and products
  • 10% discount on MiNightVet emergency out of hours veterinary care
  • 20% discount on neutering
  • Annual pet health examination with a vet (during the vaccination appointment)
  • Multi pet discount (£1 discount per month) for each additional pet
  • Microchip

Frequently Asked Questions

The Healthy Pet Club is available to:

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