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  • Nurse Clinics

    Our highly trained nurses run many routine healthcare clinics. They have a vast knowledge and experience when it comes to keeping your pets happy and healthy.

  • Blood Pressure Checks

    We can quickly and easily take your pet’s blood pressure to check for hypertension (high blood pressure); this is recommended in all pets over 8 years old.

  • Orthopaedic Surgery

    Referral Service

    We have specialised equipment and vets with specific orthopaedic expertise that can perform complex surgeries on bones and joints.

  • Physiotherapy

    We have a specially trained team member who can perform physiotherapy on your pet. Our physiotherapist will create a personalised treatment plan to help reduce pain, improve mobility and prevent further injury of your pet by increasing muscle mass and tolerance.

  • Grooming & Nail Clipping

    Our veterinary nurses are not stylists but can provide some grooming services to make sure your pets are comfortable such as removing matts and nail clipping.

  • Soft Tissue Surgery

    Referral Service

    We have specialised equipment and vets with advanced expertise that can perform complex soft tissue surgeries. Soft tissue refers to any procedure not including the bones and joints.

  • Home Visits

    If circumstances mean you are unable to visit our practice, our vets and nurses can provide veterinary care to your pet at your home.

  • Parasite Control

    We can provide you with full anti-parasitic treatment to help prevent your pets being infected with fleas, worms, ticks, lice and mites.

  • Puppy Parties

    Puppy parties are run by our nursing team, and they facilitate positive socialisation experiences with other dogs and people. Whilst the puppies play, you will receive lots of useful information and will have the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Diagnostic Tests & Imaging

    We can perform lab work such as blood tests and imaging such as ultrasound and x-rays in practice that will help us diagnose more complex conditions.

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