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  • Keyhole (Laparoscopic) Surgery

    Referral Service

    We can perform keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery which is less painful than open surgery and helps reduce recovery times of your pets.

  • Dermatology

    Referral Service

    We have vets with specific dermatology expertise that can diagnosis and treat conditions affecting the skin, including ear disease.

  • Pet Travel Documentation

    We have qualified Official Veterinarians who can provide you with the essential documents needed to travel abroad with your pet including Animal Health Certificates.

  • Cardiology

    Referral Service

    We can perform detailed cardiology assessments of the heart and blood vessels. This can include blood pressure measurements, echocardiographs, ECG recording, x-rays and blood tests.

  • Acupuncture

    We have a specially trained vet that can perform acupuncture on your pet. Acupuncture is most commonly used to manage pain and help abdominal issues such as IBS, constipation and cystitis.

  • Microchipping

    Microchips allow your pet to be identified if it gets lost and is a legal requirement for some pets. We can microchip your pet quickly and safely using a special needle.

  • Dentistry

    Our trained vets and nurses can perform a full dental check, identifying any dental disease, its severity and making a recommendation for treatment. We have the facilities to perform dental procedures on-site.

  • Exotic Animals

    Some of our vets are specifically interested in exotic species, meaning they can offer a GP service including basic health checks, routine healthcare and advice to exotic pets.

  • Vaccinations

    We administer annual essential vaccinations for your pets as well as any needed for travelling abroad. Our vaccination appointments always include a physical examination to ensure your pet is healthy.

  • Emergencies & Out Of Hours

    Nobody expects an emergency; thankfully we have vets available to help, any time of the day or night via our Out of Hours service providers.