Home Visits

We understand that there are times you and your pet won’t be able to travel to one of our practices. In this case, our highly skilled and compassionate vets and nurses may offer a home visit to provide exceptional care when you need it most. 

So that we can provide your pet with all available diagnostic and treatment options, we recommend you bring your pet into one of our fully equipped practices when they are ill and for routine appointments. However, we understand that there are situations where this isn’t possible.  

If you are having issues with transport or have any other concerns about visiting one of our practices, please contact your local practice who will be happy to help answer any questions, help you explore transport options and book you a home visit if necessary. You can find your local practice using our Practice Finder.  

Things to consider for home visits: 

  • Home visits must be booked in advance and may not be available at short notice
  • Home visits cost more than standard appointments
  • Not all examination techniques or procedures are possible in the home environment

How to prepare for a home visit 

We want to make sure your home visit is stress-free for you and your pet. Here are several things you can do to ensure your home visit goes smoothly: 

  • Choose a secure, brightly lit area where your pet feels safe and is less likely to hide
  • Clear a surface such as a table or the floor so there is space for the examination
  • Make sure there is a plug socket near and available
  • If you have other pets, please put them in another area of the house to reduce distractions
  • Relax and let us look after you and your pet 


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