Emergencies & Out Of Hours

Nobody expects an emergency; thankfully we have vets available to help, any time of the day or night. 

In the event of an emergency during opening hours, please call your normal practice and you will be advised what to do next. 

Our trained reception team will ask you a few questions before advising when and where you should go, and whether any first aid is required at home. Most practices can see their own emergencies during the day, however if your normal practice is part of a larger group, you may be directed to a practice with more facilities.  

Out of Hours

Out of hours (OOH) is any time your normal practice is shut. This is usually overnight but may include daytime hours over the weekend or on bank holidays. Some practices are open 24-hours or have a vet on call, while others refer their OOH care to a different practice. 

In the first instance, call your normal practice. The phone may be automatically redirected, or you may be given a different number to call. It is important to always call before arriving so that the team are prepared and ready to help your pet, and you can be sure you are going to the correct place.  

OOH care is generally charged at an increased cost. The OOH team will advise you of the consultation charge when you call, and estimated costs of treatment will be provided once your pet has been examined.  

Members of The Healthy Pet Club get 10% off MiNightVet emergency out of hours veterinary care (not available at other out of hours providers).


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