Nurse Clinics

Nursing consultations are performed by registered veterinary nurses (RVNs), or student veterinary nurses (SVNs) under supervision. Nursing consultations are available for many routine healthcare appointments; our nurses have vast knowledge and experience when it comes to keeping your pets happy and healthy. 

The types of consultations available will vary by practice, but include: 

In some practices, we have nurses that have undertaken further specific training and are able to offer additional nurse-led services. These may include: 

  • Dental checks
  • Weight clinics 
  • Geriatric clinics 
  • Diabetes clinics 
  • Kidney disease clinics 
  • Osteoarthritis clinics 
  • Life-stage advice 

Please contact your practice to find out which nurse consultations/clinics they currently offer and to book an appointment. 

*These services are included or discounted when your pet is a member of The Healthy Pet Club.


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