A consultation is an appointment with a vet or nurse, usually arranged for a specific problem or purpose. All our practices offer consultations for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small pets. Consultations can be divided in to two categories: 

  • Routine consultations – these are for healthy pets, such as vaccinations
  • 'Ill pet' consultations – these are for a new or ongoing health concerns

Consultations are by appointment only so please call the practice directly to book. All consultations with a vet have a charge. An initial consultation fee is charged when a pet is seen for a new condition, or for the first time in 6 months for an ongoing condition. Follow-up appointments may be charged at a reduced fee where appropriate. 

Routine Consultations

Routine, healthy pet consultations include vaccinations, six-month health checks, weight checks and flea and worming treatment. We recommend that all pets should see a vet a minimum of once a year to allow early detection of health concerns, though for many pets more regular checks are beneficial. Some routine consultations may be carried out by trained, registered veterinary nurses (RVNs). Our nurse consultations offer professional qualified advice to keep your pet fit and healthy and will refer you back to a vet if needed.  

The Healthy Pet Club membership includes a clinical examination by a vet at your annual vaccination appointment as well as your essential annual vaccinations, a six-month health check with a nurse and vet prescribed parasite treatment.

'Ill Pet' Consultations 

Ill pet consultations are booked as needed, though some pets with long-term conditions may have pre-arranged checks planned. Some appointments are kept aside each day to accommodate suddenly unwell pets, and many sites offer early, late or weekend appointments to fit around your own work commitments. When you call the practice, the reception team will ask a few questions about your pets’ problem to ensure they are seen in an appropriate time frame and with a suitable member of staff. If you have a preferred vet who you would rather see, please let the reception team know.  

Longer appointments may be booked for complex conditions, or if it is likely further tests (such as blood tests) may be needed. 

We will keep you updated on any anticipated costs as all inital consultations are chargeable, and any further tests or treatment are charged in addition.

Consultations are by appointment only so please call your practice directly to book.

Members of The Healthy Pet Club get 10% off all vet fees.


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