Puppy Parties

In the first few months of their life, your puppy is learning about everything they meet. This creates associations that will remain for the rest of their life, so early, positive experiences are essential to have a happy and well-adapted dog. Simply exposing a puppy to new experiences isn’t enough, as they are easily over-whelmed and making sure the interaction is positive is the key to success. This process of introducing a puppy to new things, and encouraging them to create positive associations, is known as socialisation. 

Puppy parties are designed to facilitate socialisation with other dogs and people. By allowing puppies to mix in a small, controlled group we can make sure they remain safe and have a positive experience as they learn how to interact with puppies of different sizes and breeds. Puppy parties are run by the nursing team and, while the puppies play, you will receive lots of useful information about looking after them (think vaccines, flea and worming, dental care) as well as the opportunity to ask questions and share tips with other puppy parents. 

As puppy parties are usually held at the practice, they are also a great way to teach your puppy that the practice is nothing to fear. In fact, many older dogs who attended puppy parties still come bouncing into the practice years later. 

Puppy parties usually run as a course of four weekly sessions. Places are limited so booking is essential; if puppy parties are listed as a service on your practice homepage, please contact your practice directly for more information. 


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