Blood Sampling

Blood samples may be required to diagnose a problem, monitor response to treatment, or even for preventative healthcare (such as senior screening). Often, blood tests are planned, and the sample can be taken by a veterinary nurse. 

How is a blood sample taken? 

Most cats and dogs will allow a blood sample to be taken quickly and easily. This is taken from either the neck or the leg, and a small patch of hair will be clipped off so the skin can be cleaned prior to sampling. A small needle is used, similar to those used for vaccinations, and the process is not painful. It is important that the patient is held appropriately so the sample site can be reached, and for everyone’s safety in case they do decide they don’t like it!  

What happens after a blood sample is taken?  

Pets can go home immediately after their blood sample, and there are minimal side effects (a small number of pets may experience mild “clipper rash” or visible bruising).  

When do I get the results? 

Depending on whether the blood sample is processed in the practice, or sent away to an external laboratory, results may be available the same day or within 1-3 weeks. You should be given a timescale when the sample is taken, and a vet or nurse will call you once they have received the results and had time to interpret them. 


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