Neutering is the process of permanently removing an animal’s ability to breed, most commonly by surgically removing the ovaries or testicles.  

The main advantages of neutering are:

  • Preventing unwanted litters  
  • Preventing behaviour associated with trying to mate (such as escaping or roaming) 
  • Preventing disease of the sex organs (such as uterine infections and testicular tumours) 

There are many other benefits depending on the type and gender of pet. There are some potential disadvantages to neutering, so it is not recommended for every pet. We strongly recommend a pre-neuter check with a vet or nurse to discuss whether neutering is right for your pet. 

When should we neuter? 

There is no single ideal time to neuter an animal. There are lots of benefits to allowing a pet to mature before neutering, however this must be balanced with the risk of them breeding. We commonly neuter pets from the following ages: 

  • Dogs: 6 months or older
  • Cats: 4 months or older
  • Rabbits: 4 months or older 

It is often recommended to neuter later for large breed dogs, cats and rabbits as they grow slower. Pets who are living with a brother or sister of the opposite sex are at higher risk for mating, so we often choose to neuter these animals earlier than if they lived alone. 

The procedure 

Neutering is usually a day procedure and pets can go home the same day. It is considered a routine surgery and is one of the most commonly performed procedures done by vets. Neutering is always performed under general anaesthetic

After surgery pets will need to be kept quiet, and monitored while their wounds heal. Your practice will give you specific advice and will want to see your pet for one or two checks in the 14 days following surgery. These post-operative checks are important for monitoring recovery, and are included in the price of the surgery.

To discuss neutering or schedule surgery, please contact the practice directly. 

Members of the The Healthy Pet Club get 20% discount off the cost of neutering.


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